This is where we figure out the best way to get your idea into a fully edited, great looking web video that people can view and share. This is the free consultation part where we discuss with the client the logistics and the cost of creating their idea, then figuring  out the best way to make it happen. We will work with you in developing a script for your web video and do all the planning required in preparation of the production phase.


This is where we start filming. Having planned ahead for filming, we will ensure that everyone knows where to go and what to do. The director will work in close communication with you to make sure all of the vision and details of the initial idea are captured.


Now that shooting has wrapped, and the footage is “in the can”, we will edit a rough cut based on the ideas you communicated to us during pre-production. The footage will then be edited together along with several choices of music and graphics awaiting your approval. After you view the rough cut, you will provide notes and suggestions needed to complete your web video so that it is exactly the way you want it.


And that’s it! Once the final cut is finished by us, we will deliver a high quality file to you so that you can upload your video to your website, or we can upload it directly to Youtube or Vimeo.